“I am in both the TKD classes and the cardio classes that meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 AM. The TKD classes help you develop discipline, agility, balance, quickness, flexibility, and endurance while learning an Olympic Martial Art and self-defense. The cardio class reminds me in many ways of a Total Body Conditioning class I took for years at O2 Fitness. This class is actually a little more high intensity than that class, and you learn a little bit about boxing and kickboxing at the same time. If your interest is real fitness (high intensity) not low and slow fitness, these classes won’t disappoint.”
– Charles Hudlin

“David Yannuzzo has been teaching my three girls and I for over a year. The kids think he is teaching them martial arts, but what they have really been learning is self-discipline, hard work, and focus. I have watched my girls become stronger and more confident. They love David and are excited to go to every class. He works hard to maintain a positive, encouraging, and respectful environment and somehow manages to get the kids to work hard while always keeping it fun. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he has a gift for pushing kids to give their best. His ability to keep large groups of kids focused and engaged for an hour at a time is a rare talent and nothing short of miraculous. David is a great guy, a great teacher, and my whole family loves his classes.”
– Greg Ames

“Instructor David doesn’t just teach the kids, he cares about them and wants to see them succeed in everything they do.  We are so happy to have him as a positive influence for our son.”
– Lauren Weber Thomas

“These classes are a lot of fun. It’s a great workout. We learn self-defenses that are practical, and there is a lot of variety to keep the classes interesting, even though we are working/building on some of the same skills each time.  David is a fantastic instructor with a lot of energy. He’s great with kids and keeps things safe.”
– Scott Scheffler

“Instructor David does an awesome job! I highly recommend Breakout Martial Arts.”
– Richard Fogleman

“Wonderful martial arts training and a remarkable community to get involved in! They have great camps too!”
– Diane Talley

“Cardio-kickboxing class: Great workout every time!”
– Robert Buckmire

“You can tell that Instructor David intrinsically likes children and knows how to engage them. I am excited at this opportunity for my son!”
– Krystal Pister

“Great environment for students to learn. Fun, knowledgeable and sincere instructor.”
– Frank Apodaca

“My 5 year old loves his class. It’s great for him.”
– Lilly Staley

 “Great teacher, no pressure environment.”
– Jack Fleischauer

“Instructor David is amazing! My sons are learning so much and I am even getting in a little workout!”
– Shara Littlefair

“It’s good but you should offer more Saturday classes.”
– Rudy Masters

“David is great with children and adults. He’s not intimidating but expects performance. Great place for everyone!”
– Shawna King

“Mr. David is a great instructor. His cardio-kickboxing class is an amazing work out and fun way to stay in shape.”
– Jennifer Buckmire

Find Your Balance

Classes to bring you balance between your workout goals and your progression in martial arts.